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How to Entertain Your Kids during a Rainstorm

Being forced to stay indoors during a rainstorm can make your kids cranky and impatient. The only way to survive staying in one roof together is to free everyone from boredom. Here are some activities that will keep your kids entertained even if they are forced to stay inside the house.

DIY meals

Allow them to make their own meals. Have a DIY pizza station where all the ingredients are laid out and you allow them to decorate their own pizza with it. Or allow them to mold their own cookies to the shape or form they want. There is so much that you can do together in the kitchen.

Cartoon marathon

You can watch movies online on officialputlockers and let them watch their favorite animated films. There are a lot of animated films that even adults can enjoy so be sure to choose one that you will all enjoy together as a family. Make sure to prepare some snacks and refreshment to give that complete movie time experience.


This is a good time to bring out all the coloring materials. If you do not have any coloring books at hand, you can always print some pages off the Internet. You can also join in the fun because there are also grown-up coloring pages that will keep you busy and entertained for hours.

Indoor camping

Make some room and set up a tent or fort in your living room. Your kids will love playing camping without the usual dirt and grime that comes along with it. Make sure to set up a lot of pillows and comforters for cushion so that your kids will feel comfortable and safe as well.

Take advantage of rainy days as a chance to bond with your kids. Do these activities with them and take a lot of pictures. This will definitely add a lot of good moments for your family’s memories.