At Night, Lights Make The Difference Between Ho-Hum And Take Your Breath Away

  • May 17, 2019

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, a little south of Tel Aviv but strictly still a part of the city sits the ancient citadel of Jaffa. It has been there for centuries and centuries. By day the old walls tower above modern people going about their business. But at night it transforms into a place of magic. The old walls which are made from Jerusalem are lit from bottom to top with a soft yellow light and the walls of Jaffa become a place of wonder and imagination.

With a little help from high-end residential lighting your home can experience a similar effect. Okay, perhaps it is a little far-fetched to say you’ll become your own private Jaffa, you’d need the sea and a warm climate to do that. But you definitely can create something truly spectacular if you choose to do so.

high-end residential lighting

The first thing to do it to work out focal points. This could be almost anything so long as it has some inherently pleasing characteristic. If your wall is made of a lovely stone, or there’s a palm tree that has been in place for years. Anything can be effective -even a demarcation point between the patio and the grass for example. But effectively what you are doing is choosing where to draw the eye.

The next thing to do is a plan. If you’re anything of an artist you might find this as fun as the rest of it. But you need a schema to work out what is going to go where and how you’re going to get power to it.

Next comes the fun part – choosing the fixtures. There are all sorts of different light types – path lighting, for example, diffused the light downwards so you can see the path. Uplighters cast the light onto the features they are highlighting. Make sure to choose the right light for the spot you put them.