Checking Out All Fire Protection Equipment Is A Must

  • May 17, 2019

The larger the property you occupy – whether you are the owner or a tenant, it matters not – the more potential there is for fire and other hazards, with fire probably being the most dangerous one. To that end, it is never unusual to find all properties, owned or tenanted, fully protected with its fire protection equipment. So the larger the premises being occupied, the more varied the fire protection is likely to be.

And of course, the larger the premises, the more numerous the fire protection installations and/or stations are likely to be; think anything from handheld fire extinguishers nearby a door to ceiling-positioned fire sprinklers across the board. And the larger the premises, the more imperative it becomes to have at least one fire hydrant stationed across the yard or road from you. In fact, having more than one fire hydrant would help to make things safer surely.

Just to be sure. Think of any and all possible methods to keep your premises or property as safe as possible from any and all fire hazards. Why not? Just to be sure. And just to be sure, arrange for a fire sprinkler inspection california certified (if you’re operating in that state) team to come and do a full inspection. It is usual for fire inspections to be done every other year. Or so they should be. But given the spate of wildfires these days, the inspection of all fire protection equipment, including the sprinklers, should surely become a more regular occurrence.

fire sprinkler inspection california

Just to be on the safe side. While this article’s headline insists that you have your fire protection equipment checked out, don’t forget that it is probably a matter of municipal, county or state law by now to have these inspections done.