What Do You Think Of When It Comes To Canopies?

  • May 17, 2019

No not little tasty bites they carry around on trays at fancy receptions – that’s canapes silly. What we are discussing here is not the munchies nor the awning created by trees in the rainforest.

canopy bedroom sets for sale

What we are talking about is that timeless embodiment of bedroom chic – the canopy bed. If you’re looking for canopy bedroom sets for sale you have really picked the right time to look.

There’s no such thing as one style of canopy bed. Here are the basics, the canopy bed is like every other bed with a platform to put a mattress on. But the four bedposts continue vertically up to a height of 7-8 feet.

These posts can be connected via a horizontal bar as well, but they don’t necessarily have to. Think of the entire structure as being an open rectangle with no side, like one of those 3D drawings.

When you do have the horizontals that are where you can elegantly drape a swathe of charming material which fits in with the bedroom decor and effectively is really the canopy.

The canopy bed is likely to dominate the room. Think about the bottom left foot of a queen-sized bed to the top right of the canopy eight feet high. That is a big space – so you need to make sure the bed will fit comfortably in the room and you will be able to move around comfortably.

You also need to remember things like being able to open the doors of closets etc., the point is if there is not enough space the bed is not going to create the look you want. It will just look as if it is out of place/

Don’t forget you will have to add your elegant drape too.